Neoway Newsletter (35th Issue)
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October 11th, 3014  35th Issue
A human being feels able and competent only so long as he is permitted to contribute as much as, or more, than he has contributed to him.— L. Ron Hubbard

Wearables and IoT Among Top Tech Trends for 2015





2015 is shaping up to be a transformative year in tech, according to IT research firm Gartner.


With the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo as a backdrop in sunny Orlando, Fla., the company has published its list of top 10 technology trends to watch next year. Naturally, businesses won't necessarily rush out to adopt these technologies, but they should at least prepare for their disruptive effects as they draw up their strategic IT plans for the next two years, advised Gartner.



Simply downsizing business apps won't cut it for mobile workforces, suggested Cearley. With their compact dimensions and limited screen real estate, he warned that the mobile and wearables boom will "require increased attention to user experience design."


The burgeoning market for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will begin to reshape how enterprises do business. For instance, by "digitizing everything," IoT allows for a spectrum of pay-per-use service offerings that open up new opportunities.


And there will be no hiding from Big Data, said Cearley.


"Organizations need to manage how best to filter the huge amounts of data coming from the IoT, social media and wearable devices, and then deliver exactly the right information to the right person, at the right time," he said. "Analytics will become deeply, but invisibly embedded everywhere.


"Every app now needs to be an analytic app," urged Cearley.


Rounding out Gartner's top ten tech predictions for 2015 are 3D printing, context-aware systems, autonomous smart devices, mobile-friendly cloud applications, software-defined applications and infrastructure, Web-scale IT and self-protecting, security-aware applications.


Source: Datamation


The 4 ways your smart home will cut costs

Deutsche Telekom and China Mobile will form a joint venture to focus on connected cars in China. A deal will be signed on Friday, Reuters reported.


The German telecoms will bring its technology for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, while China Mobile will provide the network. The company’s investment in the M2M venture would be in the double-digit millions.


M2M service provider AT&T has already signed an agreement with China Mobile. This apart, AT&T has an agreement with GM to deploy LTE for the OnStar service.

Auto makers including GM, BMW, and Tesla are making investments in connected car programs.


Connected cars market


Connected cars segment is a big market opportunity for telecom service providers. Some telecom operators are seeing as much as 90 percent of their M2M revenue generated from the connected car segment.


In fact, North America is the foundation of the connected car business, accounting for 37 percent of global service revenue in 2013. Europe and Asia will be fast-growing regions, said Infonetics Research.


Audi connected cars


Infonetics expects revenue derived by service providers for the connectivity and other basic value-added services they provide to the automotive, transport, and logistics segment to more than triple from 2013 to 2018, to $16.9 billion.


The connected car services market is growing at a CAGR of 25 percent during 2013-2018, nearly 21 times the growth rate expected for traditional mobile voice and data services during the same time period.


The market for M2M technology is expected to be worth $20 billion a year by 2018, against $8 billion last year, according to telecoms research company Juniper.


Source: TelecomLead


WCDMA Module: WM620


WM620 is an industrial WCDMA module, with high rate of HSDPA/3.6Mbps and compatible with quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM. It provides high-quality voice, SMS, data service and other features and is widely used in various industrial and commercial fields. WM620 is a single-side device with stamp-hole packaging and can be easily transformed to general mini PCI-E interface.

For details about our products, contact +86-0755-36690372.


WCDMA Dual-band: 850/1900 MHz or 900/ 2100 MHz
High reliability and integration, simplify the design
Support various protocols:

  • TCP protocol stack support client mode, seerver mode, mix mode
  • Multi-channe link

Certificate: CMIIT, CE, FCC


About Electronica

The 26th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications, will be held during November 11-14, 2014 in Munich. It’s a world’s leading trade fair for components, systems and applications, from automotive and industrial electronics to embedded, wireless, medical electronics and MEMS. Managing Director STMicroelectronics GmbH, Mr. Lucio Bossi said, "Electronica is the world’s most


important trade fair for electronics and the only event that covers the industry on such a wide scale."

Neoway Technology Co. Ltd from China will attend this exhibition, to show our GSM/GPRS module, WCDMA/HSDPA module, WIFI module, 3G Android module and many wireless solutions on AMR, AMI, Tracking, Medical, and so on. We sincerely welcome your visit to our booth for communication and business talks.


Tips to Help Kids' Weight

To help kids and teens get a good night's sleep:
1. Remove TVs, computers, and gadgets from kids' bedrooms.
2. Avoid large meals before bedtime.
3. Develop a regular bedtime routine.
4. Set firm bedtimes and wake times.
5. Make sure the bedroom is quiet, dark, relaxing -- and not too hot or cold.
6. Help kids quiet down a few hours before bedtime.
7. Heavy studying, text messaging, or video games should end in early evening.


How much sleep do schoolkids need? It depends on the child. But here are some general guidelines from the National Sleep Foundation:
Ages 3-5: 11-13 hours
Ages 5-12: 10-11 hours
Ages 11-17: 9.5-9.25 hours


Little Johnny: Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher: Little Johnny, MAY I go to the bathroom?
Little Johnny: But I asked first!
Two goldfish in a bowl talking:
Goldfish 1: Do you believe in God? Goldfish 2: Of course, I do! Who do you think changes the water?
A: Hey, man! Please call me a taxi.
B: Yes, sir. You are a taxi.


Customer: Waiter, waiter! There is a frog in my soup!!!
Waiter: Sorry, sir. The fly is on vacation.