Neoway Newsletter (40th Issue)
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November 30th, 2014 40th Issue

The secret of success is the consistency to pursue. — Harry F. Banks


ABI Research Says AEP Will Lead Internet of Things Growth

One subsection of the IoT that seems to have received less than its necessary share of attention, however, is that of the application enablement platform (AEP).

A recent study ABI Research completed concerning the IoT suggests that applications and remote monitoring and control could lead IoT grow that, it expects, will surpass $1.4 billion by the end of 2020. Internet service providers have begun offering their customers cloud-based services for billing, presence, and security, among many other functions. By also providing those businesses with APIs to control their billing, presence, and security – AEPs – service providers give developers the tools they need to make applications their own. As a result, businesses innovate their own services that run on top of their


service providers’ networks.

ABI points to PTC’s acquisition of Thingworx and Axeda, the development of LogMeIn’s Xively platform, and GE’s announcement that it would open up its Predix platform to developers the world over. Those moves by key industry players have the potential to shift the IoT into high gear and get developers innovating more device-connecting applications that they ever have. Smaller platforms that have had the inability to spread, now have some industry-tested platform on which they can base their products.

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Top wearable tech for the holiday season

Are you looking to put something new on a special person's wrist this holiday season?

Activity Trackers:

Essential features: Comfort and long battery life.

Best for: The casual user looking to increase their level of activity.

Recommended Model: Fitbit One, $99. It's a clip-on that comes with a wristband. It works with a variety of software, as well as Apple and Android devices, but it's not waterproof.

Fitness Bands:

Essential features: Heart rate monitor and water resistance.

Best for: The fitness freak in the family or anyone who exercises


regularly and wants to up their game.

Recommended Model:  Basis Peak, $200.


Essential features: Advanced apps that work with your smart phone.

Best for: Early adopters and “the person who has everything.”

Recommended Models: Pebble Steel, $250. This agnostic and relatively svelte watch works with Android and Apple devices and has hundreds of supporting apps.

Source: FOX News

John Barco

GPRS Module: M660A

M660A is a compact wireless GSM/GPRS module that supports downlink EDGE. It can provide functions of high-quality voice, SMS, and data services and is widely used in industrial and consumer fields.


  • GSM850 / EGSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900 MHz dual-band/quad-band

Supporting GSM/GPRS Phase 2/2+

  • Integrated TCP client & server, UDP, FTP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP, POP3
  • Compact size, low-power , high-performance

For details, contact +86-0755-36690372.


Improving Air Quality in Your Home

Here are some suggestions for cleaner air in your home:

1. Make sure your home is well ventilated. This is crucial for the safety of your family.

2. Use air-cleaning methods to compliment that ventilation.

3. Check your home for lead, mold


and carbon monoxide leaks.

4. Clean with natural products instead of harsh chemicals.



" I've just had a call from Mrs. Harrison about your behavior to her Doris at the school dance last night. Youwretched, rude boy!"   
"I was nice to her, Mum, really I was!" protested the youth.  
"I even paid her a compliment when we had a dance."  
"Did you, indeed?" said his mother


grimly, "And what exactly did you say?"  
"I said, Gosh, Doris, you sweat less than any fat girl I've ever danced with!"