GPRS Module


M590 is a kind of single-chip GPRS industrial wireless module with data only. It has SMS, data service and other functions. It is widely used in different kinds of industrial and commercial fields. Especially AMR market, won leading market share, widely used in concentrator, collectors, electrical load controllers, meters, handheld terminal etc.

product features:

Dual-band: 900/ 1800 MHz

Good network compatibility: Certified by the global GPRS R4 agreement

Operating temperature: -40~+80℃

High reliability: Special EMI/EMC design, very steady in bad electromagnetic environment

Support various protocols:
    TCP protocol stack support client mode、server mode、mix mode
    Multi-channe link


product certificate:

       CMIIT, CE, CCC

product specification:


Specifications Description
Dimensions 27.6 * 21.2 * 2.6mm
Sensitivity -107dBm
Instantaneous current Max 2.0A
Operation current < 210mA
Standby current < 2.5mA
Operating temperature -40~+80℃
Operation voltage 3.3~4.5V, 3.9V recommended
Packaging 21-pin LCC package