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  • WCDMA Module WM620

    WM620 is an industrial grade WCDMA module that supports HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, and GSM. HSDPA downlink rate can be up to 3.6 Mbps while the uplink rate can reach 384 Kbps. WM620 is widely used to develop smart metering, IoV terminals, video monitoring, and handheld devices. 

    Analog voice service and data services

    • Analog audio and 3G data service

    • Based on Qualcomm platform, highly-integrated, reliable performance

    • Supports TCP / UDP / FTP / DNS. The TCP protocol stack supports client mode, server mode, and mixing mode

    • Supports drives of Windows XP, Windows 7, Win CE, Linux(2.6.1), Android

    WM620-AChina, Europe

    UMTS: 900/2100 MHz

    WM620F-AChina, Europe

    UMTS: 900/2100 MHz