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Neoway Cloud-Pipe-Device Solutions Provide Acceleration for New Smart City Construction

On December 10th, 2021 Central China (Changsha) Artificial Intelligence Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Smart Expo) was held in Changsha. The theme of this Smart Expo is "Intelligent Empowerment, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Intelligent Creation of the Future", aiming to comprehensively build the artificial intelligence industry and accelerate the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy. Many scholars and experts in the artificial intelligence and digital economy industry, representatives of key enterprises in the field of industrial emerging advantageous industrial chains, investment and financing institutions, and related associations participated in the Smart Expo. As a leading provider of IoT access communications solutions, Neoway Technology comprehensively demonstrated the access communications solutions and application cases based on the cloud-pipe-device architecture, involving city lifeline, IoV, smart campus, smart school, and other industries, and interpreted how to empower smart city applications with cloud-pipe-edge-device+AI.

City lifeline

With 15 years of IoT access communications application experience, Neoway Technology provides cloud-pipe-device integrated access communications solutions and services for the construction of city lifeline projects, helping intelligence and network connectivity in construction of many urban infrastructures, including urban transportation, water supply, electricity, drainage, heat, gas, bridges, and buildings. In addition, Neoway Technology provides panoramic data association services, intelligent network management services, scenario-based situational awareness services, and standardized unified access services to provide data support for urban safety management and scientific decision-making, provide technical and service support for rapid emergency response, and help build the city lifeline.


With the gradual popularization of intelligent connected vehicles, making vehicles and roads more "smart" and assisting vehicle-road collaboration have become important directions for the development of intelligent IoV. Neoway Technology not only developed the 5G+C-V2X module A590 based on the Qualcomm platform, but also pioneered the application of the 4G Cat.1 module N58 to the in-vehicle T-Box, helping accelerate low-cost and high-reliability network connectivity for vehicles, electric vehicles, motorcycles, and more. Neoway's in-vehicle intelligent terminal products have been commercially used in China, North America, Southeast Asia, India, Europe, Brazil, and other countries and regions.

Smart campus

  • Neoway Technology works with partners and has developed a variety of terminal products, such as smart access control products, gateways, positioning cards, and beacons, involving communications standards, such as LoRa, Bluetooth, and 4G, to fully help campuses implement the intelligent management of equipment and personnel:
  • Effectively manage and control visits by external personnel and improve the efficiency of traffic.
  • Perform real-time track attendance for security, cleaning, and other employees, optimize the distribution of position personnel, reduce management costs, and improve work efficiency.
  • Perform intelligent management of equipment and facilities, such as air conditioners, water pumps, firefighting devices, and elevators, implement fault warning, automatic alarm reporting, automatic order dispatch, and active maintenance, improving the efficiency of campus O&M management, and enhancing user experience.
  • Perform intelligent management and maintenance of fire control facilities, and use video monitoring, equipment sensing, and other methods to provide the monitoring of fire control passages, fire prediction, automatic alarm reporting, personnel dispatch and evacuation, and automatic dispatch of fire-fighting equipment. These methods enhance digital fire-fighting capabilities in an all-round way, reduce the risk of fire, and provide intelligent prevention and control.

Smart school

  • Based on the policy of "Mobile phones banned at schools", Neoway Technology has researched and judged industry trends and launched a variety of smart electronic student ID cards in a timely manner, which not only ensures the normal teaching order of schools, but also meets the communication needs between students' homes and schools.
  • Incoming call whitelists and familiarity numbers can be set on Neoway's smart electronic student ID cards to allow one-click call in case of emergency.
  • GPS, BDS, and other multi-satellite positioning can provide parents with the accurate locations of students, and setting safety fences can implement timely warnings and keep children away from dangerous areas, such as construction sites and reservoirs.
  • Support for attendance using non-contact swiping cards, improving the efficiency of punching in and also helping fight against Covid-19.
  • School all-in-one cards integrate functions of access cards, meal cards, library cards, and other cards. Consumption at school can be viewed and managed in a centralized manner by using school all-in-one cards.

Neoway Technology has been deeply involved in the IoT wireless communications industry for 15 years, has continuous insights into customer needs, and continues innovation. In the era of rapid technological development, Neoway Technology stands at the forefront with innovation, providing customers with stable and reliable access communications products and professional services, helping cities become smarter, and making society more environmentally friendly, efficient, and convenient.

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