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Neopipe Cloud
The IoT industry's first management platform for the monitoring, optimization, fault prediction and remote diagnosis of wireless communication pipelines.

What Is Neopipe Cloud?

Neopipe cloud is an application software platform that works with Neoway modules and terminals. It supports the monitoring and optimization of wireless communication pipeline, network forecasting, remote fault diagnosis, and other functions, to optimize and improve the operation and O&M indicators of customer business systems.

Why Do You Need Neopipe Cloud?

At present, the cloud platforms in the IoT industry mainly focus on device access and application development, but no cloud platform is based on the wireless communication layer. Neopipe cloud effectively monitors the wireless communication between terminals and base stations and solves the vacancy in the cloud market and the pain points in the industry.

Application Scenarios & Customer Values

Neopipe cloud can be widely used in multiple IoT industries, improving operation efficiency and reduce O&M cost.

Product Advantages

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