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N75 Is Included in the North American Operators' Product Libraries, Helping Customers Efficiently Enter the North American Market

Although the 5G era has come, the world's most widely covered and most widely used 4G communications technology will coexist with 5G for a long time and continue to undertake the responsibility of IoT communications.

For the North American market, Neoway has launched a number of modules, among which the LTE Cat.4 module N75 has passed the certification of global heavyweight operators AT&T and T-Mobile, and is officially included in the two major operators' certified product libraries.

N75 has passed a number of certifications, including FCC, PTCRB, GCF, IC, and ANATEL. After N75 passed AT&T and T-Mobile certifications and was included in the product libraries, Neoway can not only provide this product and service for local customers in North American countries and regions, but also the terminal products developed by customers in other countries based on N75 can directly enter the North American market. This greatly shortens the testing and certification period of customer products in North America and helps customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  • N75 is developed based on Qualcomm chip platform. It is an LTE Cat.4 module that can also support 3G and 2G networks.
  • N75 has LGA package and a small size of 28 mm × 30 mm, supports OpenLinux, and eases development.
  • N75 supports SDIO, SPI, I2C, and many other interfaces and is equipped with rich protocol stacks, providing convenience for the additional needs of different industries.
  • N75 supports many third-party platforms, such as AWS, Azure, and Tuya, further enriching the industrial ecology.

Neoway N75 has been successfully applied to many IoT application scenarios in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, such as electric power, vehicle, and industry, providing stable and reliable access communications for customers and terminal users.

To know more about the communications products of Neoway, you can visit Neoway official website

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