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Chaoji Niu Learning Machines Equipped with Neoway's Smart Module Are Selling Well in the Market

After a year of market testing and accumulation, the Benniu Technology Chaoji Niu learning machines equipped with Neoway's smart module S2a are popular in the market in the first quarter of this year, quickly occupying the high-end learning machine market.

Chaoji Niu was developed and launched by Benniu Technology, a leading enterprise in the early education industry. It is a learning tool specially designed for students of transition from kindergarten to primary school and primary school students. It is small and portable, and helps students use fragmented time to learn efficiently. It is equipped with Neoway 4G smart module  S2a. S2a provides differentiated strong support in terms of convenience in connectivity, flexibility in development, fluency in use, and long standby time.

  • Not limited to indoors: Different from traditional products that can only be connected to Wi-Fi for indoor use, Chaoji Niu learning machines equipped with the 4G smart module S2a of Neoway can connect to 4G networks, allowing users to use Chaoji Niu learning machines outdoors as well, reading and learning anytime, anywhere, efficiently, and conveniently.
  • UNISOC platform: S2a is developed on the basis of UNISOC chip platform and is equipped with the Android system. This makes the UI of the terminal to be richer and the function development to be more flexible. In addition, the database can be upgraded regularly.
  • Powerful performance: S2a has a dual-core A53 processor with powerful encoding and decoding capabilities, greatly improving the speed of communications and operation, and providing faster reading feedback and clearer voice. S2a supports LCM display and smoother screen imaging.
  • Ultra-long standby: S2a is based on SOC chip technology and features high integration, low power consumption, and ultra-long standby time.

With the continuous iterative upgrade of Neoway products, there will be more and more Neoway's smart modules, which will further empower more industry terminals, such as teaching machines and smart wearables. Neoway will provide more stable, reliable, efficient, and convenient wireless communications solutions for the digitization and intelligence of smart education.

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