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Leading the Way in Green Charging and Swapping: Speeding up Digital and Intelligent Upgrade of Electric Two-Wheeler Industry

On May 11th, the 3rd Innovation Forum of Battery Charge and Swap Industry for Electric Vehicle & Industry Chain Exhibition was held in Hangzhou, China. The theme is "Green Energy Drives the Future". Many representatives and experts from leading companies in the industry have gathered to discuss the current situation and development trends in areas such as electric vehicle charging and swapping, battery technology, IoT technology, and business models.

As a leading enterprise in providing IoT solutions for electric two-wheelers, Neoway Technology was invited to speak at the conference on how to improve the stability, reliability, and security of electric two-wheelers and charging and swapping system communication through Neoway's products and solutions around its innovative cloud-pipe-device integrated connectivity scheme.

Luo Wei, Vice President of Neoway Technology, introduced that the electric two-wheeler industry is experiencing explosive growth, and after the implementation of the "New National Standard", the industry has entered a new stage of high-quality development. Electric two-wheeler products are developing towards high-end, lithium-ion, and intelligent direction. It is expected that the sales volume of China's electric two-wheeler market will reach 54 million units in 2023. The rise of moped-sharing and rental services will also lead to an increase in demand for new vehicles. The growth of the instant delivery industry will lead to an increase in demand for incremental and stock replacement of delivery electric bicycles while greatly promoting the development of charging and swapping supporting markets. In addition, overseas markets such as Southeast Asia and India are gradually popularizing mopeds and will also bring about an explosive export growth.

The intelligence of electric two-wheelers will become the core competitiveness of enterprises and stable and reliable access communication has always been a universal demand of IoT customers. Neoway is committed to improving the connectivity and communication quality of the Internet of Things through its products and solutions that revolve around cloud-pipe-device access communications.

For IoT devices: Neoway 's multiple LTE Cat.1 modules have been widely used in many scenarios and end products, such as sharing swapping, charging piles, electric vehicle ECU, BMS, etc. Neoway has partnered with many industry-leading companies to provide stable, reliable, and secure communication products and solutions for safe charging, swapping, and green and convenient mobility.

Neoway's new generation LTE Cat.1 module N706 features an ultra-compact size of 15.8 mm x 17.7 mm, which facilitates space-saving designs and helps to enhance functionality and performance of the end products. Despite its compact size, it is full of features and supports OpenCPU. The module’s power consumption and connectivity security have been greatly improved, which can comprehensively help end customers save costs and improve development efficiency. In addition, Neoway has been continuously iterating and upgrading its star Cat1 module, N58, of which the chip platform, packaging compatibility, and other functional features has been optimized greatly. It has also launched the second-generation Cat.1 module, N58-CF, which supports Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and can be extended with peripherals such as EMMC. This provides diversified and more suitable products and solutions for industries such as two-wheelers, battery-swapping cabinets, BMS, and charging piles.

For the overseas market, Neoway has already scaled up its products on multiple models of top-tier electric vehicle manufacturers, providing stable and reliable Chinese "smart" manufacturing for local high-end intelligent electric vehicles.

Neopipe Cloud, the first IoT connectivity management platform in the industry, can help two-wheeler charging and swapping service providers, charging and swapping equipment manufacturers, and vehicle factories monitor and analyze the connectivity quality of devices such as two-wheelers, charging piles, and battery-swapping cabinets. With this solution, customers can quickly identify communication faults and achieve remote operation and maintenance, improving network availability and enabling device and data traffic management.

For the cellular IoT pipeline, real-time data collected on it can be analyzed by utilizing big data technology and AI algorithms. This approach significantly improves device O&M efficiency, saves O&M costs, and enhances the user experience for electric two-wheeler charging and swapping service providers.

For Neoaccess Cloud, it can provide a one-stop device access, data governance, and service management for shared two-wheelers and shared charging and swapping applications, building a telecom-grade device access management, data governance, and service platform to ensure the security, reliability, and efficient operation of the operating system and services.

As the global energy structure adjusts and the concept of green and convenient mobility becomes more popular, electric two-wheelers, as an important component of smart transportation, will make a significant contribution to the global "carbon reduction" process. Neoway Technology is in a key position in industrial intelligence and digitization, providing models and solutions for IoT infrastructure construction. It will continue to provide diversified, comprehensive, and highly available IoT products and services for the electric two-wheeler industry, as well as smart transportation and smart cities, and work with upstream and downstream partners to contribute to the digital transformation of environmental protection, efficiency, and convenience.

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