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"有方观致” - Neopipe Cloud's Chinese Brand, Officially Launched - Marking a "New Milestone" for the Product

As the second half of 2023 begins, Neoway Technology unveils "有方观致" as the Chinese brand name for its Neopipe Cloud product. Simultaneously, after years of product iteration and validation, Neopipe Cloud achieves a significant and comprehensive upgrade. The release of this enhanced version signifies Neopipe Cloud’s successful transition into a new era of scalable applications. It is now fully equipped to provide Internet of Things industry clients with even more efficient services, including quality monitoring, diagnostics, and operational management of wireless IoT communication.

Neopipe Cloud, adhering to the principle of seeking truth and facts, strives for excellence and limitlessness through deep analysis and understanding of the interconnections of “things”. Grounded in learning, insight, and comprehension, it is dedicated to forging impeccable and exceptional solutions.

With 17 years of experience in cultivating the field of IoT wireless communication, Neoway Technology specializes in the "Connectivity" aspect of IoT, demonstrating a deep understanding and expertise in addressing the connectivity challenges that our industry clients face. In April 2020, Neoway introduced Neopipe Cloud to tackle the pain points associated with IoT connectivity, such as network congestion, frequent device disconnections, problematic network access, and high maintenance complexities. This innovative solution effectively addresses the challenges of unstable and unreliable terminal communication connections across various industries, including gas, water utilities, electricity, traffic, logistics, industrial IoT, and mobile payments.

As a pioneering cloud platform in the field of IoT wireless communication quality monitoring, diagnosis, and operational management, Neopipe Cloud provides a comprehensive range of precise solutions through its five key features: IoT Network Insights, Device User Insights, High Availability Management, Device Operations and Maintenance Management, and Traffic Management. These features enable Neopipe Cloud to cater to diverse vertical industries and application scenarios that rely on cellular IoT networks. Particularly in pivotal fields such as smart electricity metering, green new energy, vehicle networking, and digital cities, Neopipe Cloud integrates three key technologies: Big Data, AI, and GIS. Relying on Neoway's Cloud-pipe-device product architecture, it offers comprehensive, efficient, and abundant integrated communication solutions, thereby empowering the intelligent upgrade of the IoT industry.

After years of product iteration and experience accumulation, the Neopipe Cloud product has not only formalized its Chinese brand name as “有方观致” but continually 'ups the ante' in terms of capability and customer value. Facing the communication pipeline that was once a 'black box' — from IoT devices to cellular IoT to the IoT application cloud — Neopipe Cloud takes root downwards, starting from the darkness and minutiae. It deeply mines the high value of big data at the IoT communication foundation, turning the 'black box' into a transparent and visible 'white box'. This transformation brings valuable benefits to customers, offering 'network security, real-time visibility, cost reduction, and efficiency increase'.

  • For IoT service providers, Neopipe Cloud aids in enhancing business performance indicators, improving service quality, and reducing operation and maintenance costs.
  • For operational service providers/smart device manufacturers, it allows for the quick and accurate diagnosis of device failures, reducing post-sale costs and refining product design.
  • For telecommunication operators/network optimization service providers, it better optimizes the cellular IoT network, improves the IoT user experience, enriches the operator's network optimization tools, and extends and strengthens connection management service capabilities.
  • The convergence of IoT, Big Data, and AI technologies fuels the acceleration of informatization, digitization, and intellectualization in global industries.

As endless new applications continuously emerge, fresh demands also bring new opportunities and challenges to the development of the IoT industry.

As an enterprise that has diligently cultivated the IoT wireless communication field for 17 years, Neoway Technology will persist in centering on industrial needs and observing industry trends. We will continue to deliver stable, reliable, and secure products and services to our customers, steering industry progression and empowering countless businesses across various sectors.

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