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Neoway Attends the UNISOC 2022 Financial Payment Ecological Forum to Create Value and Achieve a Win-Win Future

On September 22, the UNISOC 2022 Financial Payment Ecological Forum was successfully held in Fuzhou, attracting experts from various fields, including telecommunications operators, financial institutions, third-party payment platforms, terminal manufacturers, and module manufacturers, to gather together to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the financial payment industry, promote collaborative innovation among ecological partners, and further promote the digital and intelligent upgrade of the industry.

As an industry-leading provider of IoT access communications products and services, Neoway and industry experts jointly discuss the evolution of industrial innovation and empower the financial industry with technology.

Shang Jiangfeng, Executive Vice President of Neoway, said in the dedicated salon "IoT Chip Evolution in the Field of Smart Finance", "Neoway and UNISOC have established a good foundation for collaboration for several years. 2G/3G/4G/5G and NB-IoT modules developed based on UNISOC chips provide digital power for the comprehensive intelligent upgrade of various industries. Currently, we are facing the urgent needs of industrial innovation and development. We need to further collaborate with our industry chain partners to jointly innovate, share and create value, empower the implementation of intelligent applications in the financial industry, and achieve a win-win future."

Neoway has carried out a long-term and complete planning and layout in the field of financial payment with a deep understanding of customer needs and long-term technical accumulation. Neoway products have been widely used in the field of financial payment terminals such as sound boxes, POS machines, and code scanner boxes.

A survey shows that consumers are most concerned about issues affecting payment experience, such as stalling and payment failures, in the process of mobile payment. Stability, reliability, and security are the core demands of IoT connectivity.

Neoway has launched a variety of smart modules such as S720 and S726 for smart POS, electronic signature POS, and other application scenarios. Neoway collaborates with leading customers in the industry to achieve large-scale shipments. At the same time, Neoway took the lead in releasing the industry's first single-antenna Cat.1 bis module in 2019, striving to provide the industry with products that meet diversified communications needs. The N715 series, the Cat.1 star products in the financial payment industry, are widely used in electronic signature POS. The advantages of medium speed, low power consumption, and high cost-effectiveness provide the optimal communications for the first batch of financial payment terminals using 2G communications networks.

Neoway focuses on connectivity in IoT, provides stable, reliable, and secure access communications for IoT terminals, provides upstream and downstream partners in the financial field with product choices with better cost and better performance, and brings more efficient and convenient payment experience. The financial payment terminals equipped with Neoway modules can be applied not only in the Chinese market, but also in markets outside China, such as India, enabling the global financial payment industry to be upgraded with convenience and intelligence.

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