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Neoway Establishes US Subsidiary to Better Serve the North American Market, Exhibits at MWC 2022 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV - September 28, 2022.  Shenzhen Neoway Technology Co., Ltd. (“Neoway”, stock code: 688159.SH), a world leader in IoT technology, has established its US Subsidiary Neoway Technology (USA), Inc., to better serve its North American customers, and will exhibit at Mobile World Congress Las Vegas 2022 (“MWC”) in booth W1.711.  MWC is the most influential exhibition in the field of mobile communications in the world.

As the world's leading provider of IoT access communications products and services, Neoway showcases products at MWC, bringing years of technical experience, innovative R&D, and reliable wireless communications products, as well as precision positioning technology, to North America.

Many global and regional Neoway modules have passed US, Canadian, and Latin American certifications, offering customers excellent products at affordable cost

N75, Neoway's LTE Cat.4 module N75 has passed FCC, PTCRB, GCF, IC, ANATEL, and other certification tests, and passed the certifications of global operators like AT&T and T-Mobile.  Neoway’s N75 modules have been successfully integrated to many IoT customer devices North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, such as smart meters, telematics devices, and industrial applications.

N27, Neoway's Cat.M/NB-IoT module with 2G fallback has passed AT&T, GCF, PTCRB, Deutsche Telekom, IC, CE, FCC, and other certifications.  N27 modules have been integrated by Neoway customers in smart grid, logistics tracking, and many other applications.

Neoway Co-Operation with Customers Leads to Innovation

Neoway has been engaged in automotive OEM telematics field for a long time.  The 4G modules N75 and N58 showcased at MWC have been incorporated in devices such as in-vehicle intelligent navigation, drive recording, and vehicle condition monitoring.  The 4G module N75 can has also been integrated in aftermarket devices like vehicle tracking devices, OBD, and dashcam, and are widely used in asset tracking, fleet management, UBI.

Neoway's 5G + C-V2X automotive-grade module A590 and 5G automotive-grade module A590b can meet high-precision positioning requirements in areas of autonomous vehicles.  They are suitable for vehicle telematics units, smart antennas, OBU, RSU, smart cockpit, in-vehicle central control, and other applications for intelligent connected vehicles, providing secure and reliable communication.

Neoway's various in-vehicle modules are being widely used inside customer products in the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, Vietnam, and other countries, accelerating the development of the global smart mobility industry.

Neoway Connectivity helps smart energy

Neoway has been deeply involved in the field of IoT wireless communications for 16 years in the vertical field of smart energy distribution and metering.

Since the introduction of smart energy in China's power industry in 2009, Neoway has been a pioneer in the field of wireless communications for smart power IoT.  Neoway has maintained the No. 1 industry position in China's power IoT market for 13 consecutive years with its reliable and low-cost modules.  This advantage has also been extended to markets outside China.  Currently, Neoway IoT modules have the largest market share in the India’s smart power IoT market.

Neoway has launched a variety of cellular modules with excellent performance and stable operation that are suitable various complex smart energy applications throughout the world, including the Americas.  Neoway modules are widely used in terminals such as smart electricity meters, smart water meters, and smart gas meters to meet smart metering requirements, secure supply, and achieve energy savings.

Security and Healthcare Applications require Neoway Connectivity

Neoway has launched a variety of cellular modules that are used in home security terminals such as smart door locks, cameras, and alarms.  This greatly improves home security such as remote control, smart monitoring, and online emergency alarms.  For professional security systems, Neoway modules enable supervisors to manage the situations anywhere.

Intelligent healthcare devices such as blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters, equipped with Neoway modules, allows real-time monitoring and transmission patients' data to allow healthcare professionals to provide telehealth services.  Remote healthcare terminals can monitor the current physical conditions and intelligently analyze their health status.  Neoway modules are used in such terminals of US customers.  With ultra-high definition cameras and audio, this hospital-level equipment is used to perform remote inspections, continuously monitor patients' physical parameters and generate alarms.

About Neoway

Shenzhen Neoway Technology Co., Ltd. (“Neoway”, stock code: 688159.SH) is a global leader in cellular and positioning modules.  In addition to being the number 1 supplier for smart meter modules in Asia 13 years in a row, Neoway is working with its customers to help design and manufacture devices as an ODM service provider for automotive applications, telematics devices, asset trackers, security systems, and healthcare devices.  With its newly founded US subsidiary Neoway USA, Neoway plans to expand its success in Asia and Europe also in the Americas and offer its customers top-of-the-line products in the Industrial IoT and automotive industries.

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