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Connect the Future of Smart Energy and Accelerate the Construction of a New Power System

From April 19 to 20, the 46th China Electrical Instrument and Meter Industry Technology Development Seminar and Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Power Exhibition") was successfully held in Ningbo. This comprehensive electrical instrument and meter industry event attracted hundreds of industry experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and technicians from across the country to jointly discuss hot issues in the power industry. Neoway once again made its debut at the Power Exhibition, comprehensively demonstrating the solution for using 5G in the new power system and wireless communication modules that meet the new standards and cover all categories. Meanwhile, it first displayed the module supporting both public and private networks for the power industry, helping the rapid development of the power Internet of Things (IoT). 

As a pioneer in the field of power IoT wireless communication, Neoway, relying on its rich wireless communication products and solutions such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB IoT and eMTC, continuously provides stable, reliable and secure access communication for the intelligent and digital construction of the power IoT in multiple aspects such as power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption, occupying the No.1 market position in China's power IoT for 14 consecutive years. Neoway not only accompanies the growth of China's power industry, but also sets sail for China's "smart" manufacturing. At present, Neoway's wireless communication modules are being shipped on a large scale to more than 40 countries and regions such as India, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and Neoway even ranks No.1 in terms of market share in the Indian power IoT market.

Neoway 5G: Accelerate the Construction of a New Power System Integrating Power Source, Grid, Load and Storage

In the context of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", the development of the new energy industry has ushered in a significant historical opportunity. It is crucial to accelerate the construction of an energy system dominated by new energy and a new power system that adapts to the characteristics of new energy. The "integration of power source, grid, load and storage" is an operational model that includes a total solution of "power source, grid, load and energy storage". It can coordinate the rich but scattered wind and solar resources in China from the aspects such as power generation, energy storage, conversion, transmission and consumption, enable scattered new energy to be effectively and fully used through various forms of interaction such as source-source complementarity, source network coordination, grid load interaction, grid storage interaction and source load interaction and achieve maximum utilization of energy resources, thereby improving the dynamic power balance capability of the power system more economically, efficiently and safely and enhancing the capability of the power grid to absorb and regulate the renewable energy that accounts for a large proportion.

The 5G wireless communication modules N511, N512, N513 and N516 developed by Neoway can be perfectly used in terminal devices in various aspects such as power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption in the power system, provide stable, reliable and secure access communication for equipment of the "power source, grid, load and storage" system, accelerate the transformation of the traditional power system covering "power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption" to a cycle integrating the "power source, grid, load and storage" and help build a new power system and achieve the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" goal.

Neoway Modules: Meeting New Standards and Covering All Categories

Since China first proposed the concept of building a "smart grid" in 2009, Neoway has been deeply involved in the digital and intelligent upgrading of the power industry, covering numerous wireless communication modules such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and NB IoT modules. Neoway continuously provides stable, reliable and secure access communication for the power IoT in multiple aspects such as power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. The products are widely used in multiple power scenarios such as centralized power meter reading, transmission and distribution inspection, substation equipment monitoring and energy storage device management.

Meanwhile, according to the requirements of the new standards of State Grid, Neoway launched more than 10 products, including 5G and 4G wireless communication modules and corresponding communication boards. At present, some products have been shipped in bulk and used in power metering terminals such as State Grid type I and type II concentrators adapting to the new standards, specialized transformer type I and type III collectors and energy controllers. These products are applicable to centralized data collection and remote control in multi-dimensional scenarios such as power supply companies at all levels, public buildings and residential communities.

Module Supporting Both Public and Private Networks: Enabling Faster Power Connection

In order to meet the requirements of distribution network automation and high-security power IoT communication, respond to the latest industry standards of State Grid and solve problems such as network congestion and poor communication, Neoway launched the LTE Cat.4 module N729 supporting both public and private networks in due time, which is used in the distribution network automation system to provide users with more stable, reliable and secure data transmission over a long distance.

  • Private: The module supports the 4G network and the 1.8 GHz power private network and features high data transmission security and high smooth connectivity. It can work with collection terminals of State Grid private network to implement functions such as remote reading, data storage and remote control.
  • New: The module meets the latest standards for the primary and secondary integration of State Grid, increases the overall online rate of equipment and improves the operation level and maintenance efficiency of distribution equipment.
  • High: Extending the temperature range to -40°C to +85°C, the industrial-grade module meets the harsh usage environment of the power industry and can be switched to the private network high security mode based on an instruction.
  • Standard: The instruction format is designed according to the standards of State Grid, and interfaces of modules and communication units comply with the standard interfaces of State Grid.

The N729 module can be used in power scenarios such as substation monitoring, power line monitoring, distribution network pole switch monitoring and data collection to provide stable, reliable and secure access communication for the power IoT.

Targeting at the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" goal and the goal of optimizing the energy structure, Neoway will continue to integrate and innovate in the IoT in response to the development requirements of the times and industry customers and help accelerate the intelligent and digital upgrading of the traditional power system and achieve a new environmentally friendly, efficient and convenient power system.

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