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Neoway Technology Attends IoT Tech Expo USA, Achieves Remarkable Results in North American Market

On June 5-6 local time, IoT Tech Expo North America (hereinafter referred to as IoT Tech Expo) was held in Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley. As an international tech event, IoT Tech Expo brings together innovators and leaders in the global technology field to showcase cutting-edge products and technologies, and to delve into areas such as IoT, digital transformation, intelligent automation ecosystems, AI, big data, cybersecurity, and edge computing.

Neoway Technology showcased its globally leading, reliable IoT access communication products and solutions at IoT Tech Expo, discussing and sharing insights on IoT technology and industry development trends with global tech elites.

According to Transforma Insights, the North American IoT connections, modules, and services market was valued at $68 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $197 billion by 2033, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 11%. The IoT market in the Americas is showing strong growth momentum, particularly in North America, where the combination of technological innovation and market demand is driving rapid market development.

Since 2016, Neoway Technology has advanced its global strategy and strengthens its presence in the IoT field, becoming a core ODM supplier for the high-end OBD-II market in North America and Europe, ranking first in the Asian smart metering market, and being the sole ODM supplier of smart emergency vehicle lights in Europe. It also ranks among the top three globally in the MBB customization market. Neoway Technology offers a wide range of access communication products and ODM services for key industry applications in the North American market, including Internet of vehicles, logistics asset tracking, smart healthcare and elderly care, retail surveillance cameras, and gas tank monitoring.

In the IoT module market, several star products from Neoway Technology have been widely used in numerous IoT terminal devices in North America, helping customers shorten certification cycles and achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

  • Wi-Fi HaLow Module LW510: Currently the smallest Wi-Fi HaLow module in the industry, meeting the unique needs of smart metering, access control systems, industrial IoT, smart agriculture, smart retail, smart home, and more. It effectively connects IoT devices up to a kilometer away, with coverage tens of times greater than traditional Wi-Fi, offering low power consumption, long-range, high connection capacity (over 8000 terminals per AP), easy networking, and enhanced security, serving as an effective complement to cellular IoT.
  • LTE Cat.4 Module N75: Primarily targeting the North American market, this module has passed multiple certifications including CE, FCC, ISED, ICASA, ANATEL, PTCRB, GCF, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. It is well-suited for energy metering, Internet of vehicles, industrial routing, security products, and environmental monitoring.
  • Cat.M/NB-IoT/EGPRS Tri-Mode Module N27: Certified by AT&T, GCF, PTCRB, Deutsche Telekom, IC, CE, FCC, Telstra, JATE/TELEC, and more, this module serves regions including the Americas and Europe, making it an ideal choice for energy metering, telematics, smart cities, tracking, and environmental monitoring.

In the ODM services field, Neoway Technology addresses the diverse needs for IoT products and solutions by offering a full-process, one-stop ODM service that includes project management, hardware and software development and testing, procurement and production, and technical support. Neoway Technology can customize products and solutions according to each customer's terminal product requirements, leveraging its strong R&D capabilities and rich supply chain resources to provide comprehensive and high-quality ODM services. The company can form dedicated project development teams to respond quickly to customer needs and provide timely, attentive, and professional services, creating bespoke IoT terminal products and solutions for customers.

Neoway Technology has nearly 10 years of experience in terminal product ODM services, with over 5 million units supplied worldwide across various product categories, including OBD-II, MBB, trackers, retail cameras, smart gateways, TCUs, tank monitoring, and emergency vehicle lights.

  • Retail Surveillance Cameras: Automatically capture product information on retail shelves, use AI to analyze product status for information statistics, achieving automated management in new retail.
  • Gas Tank Monitoring: Monitor tank levels and operating environment data, providing alerts and warnings to enhance tank usage safety and improve remote maintenance and management efficiency.
  • Emergency Vehicle Lights: Flashing lights that provide alerts in the event of traffic accidents or vehicle malfunctions, precisely locate the vehicle, and send location information to family, insurance companies, and rescue organizations for quicker assistance.

At this IoT Tech Expo, Neoway Technology showcased its advanced products and technologies, reliable capabilities, and services to the global IoT market, demonstrating its firm strategy of deep cultivation in North America and global markets. In the future, Neoway Technology will continue to collaborate with global partners to advance IoT technology and contribute to building a more eco-friendly, efficient, and convenient IoT world.

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