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Neoway Technology Approved for Postdoctoral Research Station to Foster Top Talent for IoT Industry

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee announced the 2024 list of postdoctoral research stations, with Neoway Technology included. This represents a significant breakthrough for Neoway in high-level scientific research innovation and top-tier talent development, providing a broader platform and richer resources for the company's technological research and talent cultivation.

A postdoctoral research station is an organization approved to recruit and train postdoctoral researchers within enterprises, research-oriented institutions, and specialized regional entities. It serves as an effective path for integrating industry, academia, and research, bridging the gap between high-tech talent and high-tech enterprises, and enhancing independent innovation capabilities.

Following its approval, Neoway Technology will focus on attracting and nurturing more high-level research talent to tackle cutting-edge productivity-related technological challenges. Concurrently, the company will introduce top-notch talent in strategic and operational management to improve research efficiency and quality. The postdoctoral research station will play a crucial role in supporting talent development in the process of advancing new productivity, providing strong talent guarantees and intellectual support for the growth of emerging industries, and contributing more scientific research innovation power to society. Neoway will leverage this platform to take on greater social responsibility, promote the integration and optimal allocation of IoT industry research resources, strengthen communication and collaboration with domestic and international research institutions, and drive the transformation and application of technological achievements.

In recent years, Neoway Technology has continuously overcome technical challenges, innovated products and services, and enhanced its brand image. The company has been recognized as the Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center in Shenzhen, a national-level ‘little giant’ firm specializing in innovation, and has undertaken several key technology projects from the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission. Adhering to the corporate philosophy that "Neoway staff are the fundamental driving force behind the company’s effort to win customer satisfaction and are striving to build Neoway platform into a way of life". Neoway places great emphasis on talent cultivation and development, establishing a comprehensive talent training mechanism. The company actively encourages employees to conduct independent research and technological innovation, fostering a high-quality R&D team. Based on its technical advantages in the IoT communication industry and insights into industry trends, Neoway actively collaborates with major domestic and international universities and research institutions for industry-academia-research cooperation and joint efforts in core technology, providing pilot test sites for many innovative technologies with high technical content and broad application prospects.

With the approval of the postdoctoral research station, Neoway Technology will improve the management system related to postdoctoral work, actively introduce top-tier talent, undertake critical technological challenges, enhance innovation capabilities, and achieve synchronized high-quality development for the company, the industry, and society.

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