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Neoway Abnormal-movement Monitoring Instrument T915 Helps City Managers Build a Lifeline for City Safety

Frequent occurrence of house safety accidents, but traditional investigation methods are unsatisfactory

In recent years, house safety accidents occurred frequently, resulting in varying degrees of casualties and property losses. After the collapse of the houses built by residents in Changsha city, president Xi Jinping, made important instructions to carry out dedicated rectification on the safety of self-built houses nationwide, thoroughly investigate hidden dangers, solve problems in time, and resolutely prevent all kinds of major accidents.

At present, most of the inspections of house safety are carried out by manual visual inspection or temporary use of portable measurement instruments. The lack of smart dynamic perception has brought great challenges to the inspection work. On the one hand, it is difficult for manual visual inspection to accurately detect the slight deformation of the building structure. On the other hand, the temporary use of measurement instruments is difficult to continuously grasp the risk changes in advance, and the monitoring and warning are not timely.

Neoway T915: smart and precise warning, eliminating dependence for manual visual inspection

The comprehensive application of IoT, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies can effectively address the pain points of insufficient intelligence of house security risk perception. This implementation enables security risks to be detected, prevented, and responded earlier, and changes from passive response to active management, from post-processing to prevention, and from static isolated supervision to dynamic continuous prevention and control.

The high-precision abnormal-movement monitoring instrument T915, independently developed by Neoway Technology, is a smart monitoring device specially designed to monitor and prevent the collapse of buildings such as houses or bridges, slope geological disasters, and other hidden dangers. It can implement smart and accurate warning, eliminating dependence for manual visual inspection.

  • Up to 0.5 mg and 0.01° resolution, 0.1° high precision, capable of detecting subtle abnormal movements.
  • Ultra-low power consumption, built-in power supply to ensure continuous work for more than 3 years.
  • Ultra-high protection level. It can be used in any extreme environment in the city or in the wild.
  • Simple and convenient installation, and automatic calibration upon any posture fixed.
  • Support for mobile phone operations (Android or iOS). It can be connected to various perception devices.

Neoway abnormal-movement monitoring instrument T915 can perform online monitoring 24 hours a day, transmit data to the cloud management background in real time, and implement unified aggregation and smart analysis of perception data.

T915 played a major role in several urban emergency management projects

In the "Old Building Safety Prevention" project in a first-tier city, Neoway abnormal-movement monitoring instrument T915 accurately detected the movements such as structural inclination, displacement, and vibration of the hidden danger points of the house by using 24-hour online monitoring. T915 generated warning notifications for data exceeding the configured thresholds and took timely response measures, helping local security management personnel to achieve a closed loop of risk disposal and avoid disasters.

If a dam break disaster occurs in a coal mine tailings pond, the displacement of the dam body is an intuitive indicator of the evolution of the disaster. Therefore, by grasping the deformation of the slope downstream of the dam body, the deformation rate and development speed of the tailings dam can be found in time. In the tailings monitoring project of a large coal mine province, the installation and use of Neoway abnormal-movement monitoring instrument T915 provided accurate perception information for the monitoring of the dam surface displacement, and helped the local safety supervision department to make timely and scientific emergency decision-making and take emergency measures, avoiding the occurrence of disasters or reducing the extent of disasters.

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