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Jointly Complete "Four Layers" Demonstration to Boost the Commercial Landing of C-V2X

On November 3 to 4, 2022, the C-V2X ‘Four Layers’ Interoperability Application Demonstration (a live demonstration event) organized by the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group in China, China Academy of Information and Communications, and other organizations and institutions, was carried out in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou. In total, 23 motorcades and 47 organizations participated in the demonstration. Neoway, together with industrial partners such as Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd., Neusoft, China Mobile and Stellantis, participated in the C-V2X demonstration in multiple scenarios.

2022 C-V2X ‘Four Layers’ (Suzhou) Interoperability Application Demonstration Event

The four layers of interoperability are cross chipset modules, cross terminals, cross different vehicles, and cross communications security systems. In this "Four Layers" demonstration event , relying on the outstanding performance of the 5G+C-V2X module A590 in OBU terminals, Neoway completed functional demonstration in the V2V and V2P scenarios such as blind zone/lane change warning, collision warning for vulnerable traffic participants and perceptual data sharing in the first phase of application and functional demonstration in the V2I scenarios such as collaborative lane change, dynamic lane management and floating car data collection in the second phase. This marks that the 5G+C-V2X module of Neoway can provide stable, reliable and safe communication guarantee for key business of automakers and more efficiently support network connected vehicles and roadside infrastructure to achieve safe and intelligent driving.

In 2021, Neoway developed the 5G+C-V2X module A590 based on Qualcomm platform. After more than one year of dedicated research and development and repeated test, Neoway has been able to achieve upstream and downstream collaboration, enables rapid implementation in multiple V2X scenarios under the support of 5G and moves towards the goal of commercialization.

Since the 4G era, Neoway has provided multi-standard and multi-modal access communication products and solutions for vehicle front and rear loading customers and also provided wireless communications terminals and governance solutions for urban management departments, involving traffic monitoring, roadside unit sensing, road and bridge management and other industries, to comprehensively support the intelligent and digital upgrading of transportation.

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