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Neoway Appeared in Enlit Europe 2022 to Help Optimize and Upgrade the Energy IoT

On November 29, Enlit Europe 2022 was held in Frankfurt, Germany. It is the largest and most professional power exhibition and conference in the energy industry in Europe, covering all energy sectors such as power generation, transmission, distribution, smart grid, new energy, energy storage and smart city.

Since 2022, the impact of the European energy crisis has been expanded continuously. Although the crisis began in the Russian-Ukraine conflict, it reflects a long-term energy structural issue. Europe's energy consumption depends heavily on three categories of fossil energy, namely coal, oil and natural gas. Therefore, it is urgent to change the dependence on single energy and optimize the energy structure.

Neoway has rich technology precipitation and application accumulation in the field of power Internet of Things (IoT). In this Enlit Europe 2022, Neoway demonstrated in an all-round manner the wireless communication products and solutions applicable to a series of energy scenarios such as electricity metering, gas metering, water metering, photovoltaic solar power generation, energy gateway and electric vehicle charging pile to help the European power system improve its precision load control capability.

Neoway has grasped the global energy development trend over years and provides power companies with access communication services based on stable, reliable and secure wireless communication products and solutions. Relying on 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB IoT, eMTC and other rich wireless communication modules, Neoway has made large-scale shipment in countries and regions such as China, India, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In particular, in the Chinese and Indian power IoT markets, Neoway ranks No. 1 in terms of market share for many consecutive years.

In addition to shipment to world top 10 customers in the field of power metering, in recent years, Neoway's 5G and 4G products have been successively applied to smart power plants, transmission and distribution inspection, substation equipment monitoring, distribution network automation and protection, power load control, wind and solar storage, monitoring and regulations of distributed energy systems, charging pile monitoring, power emergency command and many other power IoT application scenarios to effectively monitor and schedule massive terminal devices, provide stabile, reliable, secure, economical and efficient access and meet the development trends towards new power system business, including massive terminal access, frequent information interaction and control extending to the end.

In addition to providing customers with cellular wireless communication modules and complete series products, Neoway, based on a large customer base, has summarized customers' requirements for stable, reliable and secure communication from more than 10 years of application experience and first launched an access communication solution based on the cloud-pipe-end architecture to provide stable, reliable and secure access communication for the IoT, greatly improving the communication quality and efficiency of products and solutions for industry customers.

As countries around the world attach increasingly more attention to optimization of the energy structure, the IoT technology is gradually becoming the basis for optimization of the energy industry, especially the power structure. Over the past 16 years, Neoway focuses on the "connectivity" of the IoT and will continue to work with upstream and downstream customers to provide stable, reliable and secure access communication for the global energy industry, especially the power IoT.

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