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Collaboration with Prominent Industry Clients to Attain Groundbreaking Advancements in the UFi Market

In modern-day living, where network connectivity is essential anytime and anywhere, uninterrupted access to the Internet has become a fundamental requirement for people. The advent of portable Wi-Fi has effectively addressed the issue of network disconnection in the digital age. The UFi (USB Wi-Fi) is a favored form of portable Wi-Fi owing to its compact size, convenient usability, stable signal, and other distinguishing features.

In the recent collaboration with prominent domestic UFi manufacturers, the LTE Cat. 4 UFi product P805, which is developed based on the Unisoc 8310 platform, has been successfully commercialized. Its cumulative shipment of hundreds of thousands of pieces marks a significant milestone in the UFi market. P805 UFi is a plug-and-play product that supports all routing functions, offering stable, reliable, and secure connection services in various network-dependent scenarios such as gaming, online classes, live broadcasting, video streaming, emergency office, temporary exhibitions, and more.

  • Cat.4 downlink rate can reach 150 Mbps, while Wi-Fi downlink rate can reach 150 Mbps, satisfying the customer experience in all respects.
  • Built-in multiple antennas enable super signal reception capability and facilitate a 40-meter transmission distance connection with ease.
  • Up to 8 devices are supported to access the network simultaneously, thus achieving multi-user and multi-device network sharing.
  • The product also features voltage fluctuation protection that effectively reduces equipment damage in the event of wide voltage power supply scenarios or abnormal power failures, thereby improving its usage efficiency.

In wireless communications for the Internet of Things, communication quality stands as the most powerful endorsement of the brand, where "stability, reliability, and security" has become a hallmark of Neoway Technology. Over the past 17 years, Neoway Technology has been dedicated to the development of wireless communication in the Internet of Things. The company has successfully launched several noteworthy wireless cellular communications modules and whole devices, including the Neoaccess cloud, Neopipe cloud, 2G/3G/4G/5G/NB-IoT/eMTC. These advanced products are currently providing stable, reliable, and secure access communication for a variety of IoT industries, such as smart energy, digital smart city, vehicle networking, industrial IoT, smart security, commercial retail, and others.

Moving forward, Neoway Technology will remain committed to integrating stable, reliable, and secure access communication into thousands of sectors, with the aim of empowering production and improving the quality of life. By delivering high-quality products and services, we will continue to work closely with upstream and downstream partners to provide solid technical support for the high-quality development of IoT.

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