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Neoway Celebrates 5 Years of 5G Innovation, Empowering Various Industries Through Product Upgrades

Five years ago, the commercial rollout of 5G technology began, marking a new chapter in communication technology. Since the issuance of 5G licenses five years ago, China has led the world in standard setting, network construction, technology development, industry growth, and integrated applications. 5G has become a model for technological self-reliance and a benchmark for new quality productive force development.

According to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the commercialization of 5G over the past five years has directly generated an economic output of about 5.6 trillion yuan and indirectly generated about 14 trillion yuan, significantly promoting high-quality economic and social development. As of April 2024, China has built 3.748 million 5G base stations, with more than 26 base stations per 10,000 people. The 5G network is expanding from county-level coverage to village-level coverage. In key industries such as mining, power, and healthcare, 5G applications have scaled up, and industrial 5G applications are extending from peripheral processes to core processes such as R&D and manufacturing.

As a leading provider of reliable IoT access communication products and solutions, Neoway Technology plays a crucial role in the promotion, application, and innovation of 5G technology. Neoway has continually developed a range of 5G modules, including industrial-grade, automotive-grade, and smart modules, as well as 5G MBB solutions. Customers can choose from various terminal scenarios and needs, empowering 5G applications in digital transformation.

Smart Energy: Comprehensive Coverage and Widespread Applications

In the smart energy sector, 5G technology has seen widespread applications. Neoway provides modules and various 5G electric power communication units, meeting the urgent needs of the energy industry for high-speed, stable, and secure communication. Whether in remote wind farms or busy urban power grids, Neoway's products offer reliable communication support. These products are widely used in electric power terminal applications across various provincial bureaus of the China’s State Grid and Southern Power Grid, becoming the preferred solution for the intelligent upgrade of the energy industry. They provide powerful support for intelligent monitoring and maintenance, remote operation and control, and data analysis and optimization in the energy sector.

5G SOC: Innovative Applications and Strong Growth

The commercialization of 5G technology has provided ample space for the development of smart terminals. With the advancement of 5G SOC, Neoway has expanded its product line, launching innovative products tailored to the smart needs of 5G+ IoT. The commercialization of Neoway's 5G SOC modules marks another breakthrough in the smart terminal field. These modules are now stably applied in 5G edge gateways, 5G handheld devices, 5G law enforcement instruments, and industrial tablets, providing real-time, efficient, and secure communication support.

5G Automotive: Leading the Domestic Upgrade of In-Vehicle Communication

China's smart automotive industry is advancing at a world-leading pace. By 2025, the sales of connected vehicles are expected to exceed 26 million, with a penetration rate of over 90%. Currently, the market for smart connected vehicles is in a transition period from 4G to 5G, with many automakers seeking to upgrade from 4G to 5G. Driven by the demand for domestic solutions, Neoway is developing a series of 5G automotive modules based on domestic platforms. The upcoming launch includes the lightweight 5G RedCap automotive module N520 and the industry's first domestic 5G automotive module N521. These modules can be widely used in telematics units (T-Box), on-board units (OBU), roadside units (RSU), and automotive manufacturing, aiding the networked and domestic upgrade of automobiles. They provide globally leading, reliable vehicle networking solutions, contributing to smarter, more convenient driving experiences.

5G MBB: Making High-Speed, Reliable Connectivity Ubiquitous

Thanks to the rapid deployment and popularization of 5G networks, the global market for 5G MIFI and 5G CPE is growing quickly. As 5G network coverage expands, the demand for these devices is expected to increase significantly. Whether traveling in suburban areas or in remote or complex terrains, 5G MiFi and 5G CPE can convert wireless data traffic into stable Wi-Fi signals, ensuring connectivity everywhere.

Neoway has partnered with leading domestic MBB industry players to develop and launch the 5G MiFi product P816 and the 5G CPE product P821, both currently in large-scale shipment. The P816, equipped with Neoway's 5G communication module N512, supports routing functions and provides high-speed Wi-Fi wherever there is 5G signal coverage, enabling quick and flexible networking. The P821, featuring Neoway's 5G module N513 and an full-band butterfly antenna, supports both 5G cellular and traditional Ethernet connections, offering fast Wi-Fi hotspots anytime.

As 5G commercialization reaches its fifth anniversary, Neoway Technology will continue to focus on its 5G module business, deepen the application of IoT technology across various industries, and drive intelligent industrial transformation. In collaboration with industry partners, Neoway aims to create a more efficient, convenient, and eco-friendly future IoT landscape.

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