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Innovation Leads the Way for High-Quality Development of "Vehicle-Road-Cloud Integration"

---- Neoway Technology Showcases at Automotive Electronics Industry Summit

On June 29, the 13th International Automotive Electronics Industry Summit (IAEIS 2024) was held in Shenzhen. The summit, themed "Global Industrial Chain Layout, Promoting High-Quality Development of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry", aimed to explore new productivity in the automotive electronics industry, lay out the global industrial chain, and establish a communication platform for the entire ecosystem of automotive electronics. The summit focused on "new themes, new ecosystems, and new opportunities".

Earlier this year, five ministries jointly issued a notice on conducting pilot projects for "vehicle-road-cloud integration" applications of intelligent connected vehicles. The goal is to promote the construction of cloud-controlled network infrastructure, explore multi-scenario applications of autonomous driving technology based on efficient coordination of vehicles, roads, networks, clouds, and maps, and accelerate technological breakthroughs and industrialization of intelligent connected vehicles.

Since the 4G era, Neoway Technology has been providing multi-standard, multi-form access communication products and solutions for connected vehicle customers. With the development of large-scale industrial applications of intelligent connected vehicles, Neoway continues to innovate and iterate its products. From providing single-category wireless communication modules to deploying comprehensive product solutions for vehicle-road-cloud collaboration, Neoway is fully supporting the networked and intelligent upgrade of vehicles. At this summit, Neoway showcased its "Neopipe cloud + device" product combination, providing the most reliable communication assurance for "vehicle-road-cloud integration" and leading the high-quality development of the intelligent connected vehicle industry.

Neopipe Cloud: More Efficient Communication and Operations

Neopipe Cloud (brand name: Neoway Guanzhi) is an industry-unique IoT communication quality monitoring, fault diagnosis, and remote operations platform. It efficiently monitors automotive communication quality, tracks the business and performance status of onboard equipment in real-time, automatically diagnoses communication faults, and conducts remote operations. This platform provides high-quality networked services for car companies, enhances customer experience, and achieves cost-effective operations and maintenance. It also helps car companies improve field test and production test efficiency, reducing testing and production costs.

  • Efficient Field Testing, Reduced Investment: Neopipe Cloud can serve as a road test tool for car companies, helping to reduce road test manpower input and re-test costs. By reproducing network trajectories, it plans optimal test routes and improves the first-pass rate of road tests. Comparing data reports from the same road sections confirms the causes of national standard data loss, effectively reducing road test investments for car companies and suppliers.
  • Real-Time Production Line Testing, Enhanced Efficiency: Neopipe Cloud supports production line testing for car companies, quickly identifying whether issues are network- or device-related, shortening vehicle inspection times, lowering factory inspection costs, and improving production efficiency. Based on network-side data and device fault data, it promptly determines problem attribution, reducing factory inspection investment.
  •  Driving Communication Quality Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis, Improved Network Quality: Neopipe Cloud can remotely and quickly identify device faults, support automatic push warnings of data reports, and connect to after-sales maintenance systems, actively resolving network dropouts and connectivity issues. This improves vehicle network experience, reduces customer complaints, and enhances car company brand image.

Neopipe Cloud, combined with Neoway 4G/5G modules, provides a more comprehensive solution for the reliable communication of intelligent connected vehicles, helping to improve communication quality and reduce production and maintenance costs.

Intelligent Connected Products Fully Support Vehicle-Road-Cloud Collaborative Applications

Since 2021, Neoway Technology has launched several 4G, 5G, and 5G+V2X modules and RSU and OBU product solutions to meet the application needs of intelligent connected vehicles' "vehicle-road-cloud integration". Neoway's multi-standard and multifunctional products, including 4G, 5G, 5G+V2X, SoC, and GNSS, have been commercially applied in T-BOX, OBU, RSU, DVR, smart dashboards, and on-board charging piles. These applications span new energy vehicles, fuel vehicles, passenger cars, and commercial vehicles. Currently, Neoway's IoT modules are used in various models or charging equipment by Chery, Dongfeng Commercial, BYD, Denza, and JAC.

  • LTE Cat.4 Modules: The N725, the first domestic LTE Cat.4 automotive cellular module to achieve large-scale commercial use in passenger cars, leads and promotes the widespread application of LTE Cat.4 modules in automotive networking and intelligence. Neoway's domestic LTE Cat.4 automotive-grade modules N725A and N725B, with packages compatible with earlier N720/N725 releases, support multi-configuration compatible design. Key components of the N725A and N725B modules have passed AEC-Q100 certification and eCall-related functional testing and certification, helping customers efficiently expand domestic and overseas markets.
  • 5G/5G RedCap Modules: Neoway's domestic 5G RedCap lightweight automotive cellular module N520 and 5G automotive cellular module N521 will be fully launched soon. The N520 and N521 modules can be widely used in telematics units (T-Box), on-board units (OBU), roadside units (RSU), and automotive manufacturing. They provide globally leading, reliable vehicle networking solutions, supporting the networked and domestic upgrade of automobiles and enhancing driving experiences to be smarter and more convenient.

Neoway Technology will continue to focus on vehicle-road-cloud collaboration and the intelligent connected vehicle field, keeping pace with the national vehicle-road-cloud collaborative development direction, intelligent connected vehicle technology advancements, and domestic strategic trends. Collaborating closely with core car company customers and Tier 1 suppliers, Neoway aims to actively participate in national and downstream customer vehicle-road-cloud collaborative pilot projects and commercialization processes with innovative, reliable wireless communication products and solutions.

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